"For veterans and their families -- this is THE film they need to watch together."                                     -- Rick O'Dell,  PTSDhelp.net

All the Way Home; Bravery on the Home Front is raw and honest, powerful and disturbing. It is a wakeup call for Americans to create healing spaces for our veterans                      ---Cable Muse

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      "All The Way Home" is an incredible look into the heart of these men who have been through more than most of us can comprehend and you find yourself hoping and praying that they all make it out to the other side.                                                          -- Homefront Six

 Strung together with a series of moving interviews, the film becomes a conversation many of us never get the chance to have - and a tool for these soldiers to help them heal. The work transcends filmmaking and serves effectively as a community service. Some soldiers in the film have used the film to approach the subject with members of their own families.

-- Cellophane Sixty Six

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      “At some point when we’re traveling down the river for five days, I know  there is nothing better I could be doing with my life than being with these guys”

             -Mike Geary,  Volunteer Outfitter

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